Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's A Race, It's A Race

Well It came and went. The Race For The Cure!! Our group was a little smaller this year, but it was a lot of fun. Grandma Carla and Suzy came into town for the big event. We had a great time with them. I will never look at fruit the same way again-LOL!
The kiddos decided they were going to run the race this year. They did a great job and had a lot of fun.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Vote For Archuletta

Tonight is American Idol and I am sure you all know we are huge fans of the show. I got really excited b/c this week is where the last three get to go home. I took the kids to Murray High School to see Archuletta sing. We were able to get right next to the fence to see his parade. I thought we would get to see him up close, but the security was pretty thick. We had a great time. I will definately be watching tonight!

First Ride on a Bus

On May 1st Cooper had a field trip to Wheeler Farm. He was extremely excited. I was not very happy that it was snowing. It did turn out to be a lot of fun. We fed the ducks, played in the treehouse, looked at all the animals, and went on a tractor ride. I don't know what was more fun, riding on the bus or visiting the farm.

My little baby all grown up!